How to raise an event using JIRA API

I’m having some issues with JSM SLA. The only workaround is to force the update of an issue after any changes or transition.
I was thinking in capture any event on the issue and raise a new ISSUE_UPDATED event, but not sure how to do it without updating a customField

Based on my experience, if you have a problems where you need issue update event fired. This means the last update done had some problem with it. I would look into fixing the root cause of the problem, or ask the actual problem here.

If you still want to continue with the workaround. I would recommend what you are thinking already. By creating a dummy field, and forcing an update on that field. As firing issue update event without updating anything. I believe, will cause other problems within Jira or any 3rd party plugins.

The problem is a known Jira bug, that doesn’t update SLAs of tickets when the goals have a iql function.
What i did is place a Listener and fire an ISSUE_UPDATE event 5 seconds after any transition or change in the issue. (With the exception of the issue update)
With this, the SLA is being calculated correctly