How to refresh the data from resolver function

Hi team
I am using modal for adding comments into the jira issue pnel.After comments added successfully.I am closing the modal.
Again in another modal i am showing the added comments.I am unable to get the recently added comments.If i refresh the page i am able to get it.I am using resolver function for getting comments from jira.
Kindly help on how to refresh the data.

I’m assuming you’re using Custom UI given the tags on this post.

Polling for changes from your frontend would be the simplest solution in this case.

Let me know if this doesn’t work for you.

Could you please help us on how to implement in front end.

Thanks in advance

You would need to call the REST API in a certain time increment to have new data. We are actually currently working on an event system that will inform you that the issue view changed (updated data, added comments etc) and you would be able to fetch data only at that moment so this will be available in the future.