How to register forge app in Atlassian Marketplace

Is there anyone who has registered Add-on developed as Forge on Marketplace?

If you have registered before,
can you tell me what results (build folder etc.) you submit and what process you go through?

I’d appreciate it if you could post anything that would help me.

Thank you always for your help.

Hi @DavidLee,

When you publish a new app you should be able to select that you want to create a “Forge app”.

It should then let you select what app of yours you want to publish. Make sure you are the owner of the app and that you have enabled distribution for it. The version of your app that you have deployed to the production environment is what will become available on the Marketplace.

There’s also this specific guide by Atlassian about listing for apps on the Marketplace which may contain more useful tips:

Hope this helps!



Thank you! @sven.schatter I’ll read it!

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