How to reliably get the current (logged-in) user into a plugin context?

Re-asking an unanswered question from community: asked by @Siegfried Nolte:

I need the username of the plugin “user” to use TrustedRequest#addTrustedTokenAuthentication.

To get this user during runtime, however, this suggested idiom does not reliably work:

   this.authContext = ComponentAccessor.getJiraAuthenticationContext();
   this.currentUser = this.authContext.getLoggedInUser();

The call to getLoggedInUser returns null at random, seemingly independent of the calling thread (ie. on an event listener thread or on a SchedulerService job thread).

What is the best way to reliably get the name of the “logged in user” in the context of the plugin thread?

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I’ve run into this issue as well, calls to getLoggedInUser() are not reliable as they will periodically return null.

hi , i had the same issue , any solution please?

This is how I am using it and it works without a problem for me:

Constructor of my SomeServiceClass:

    public someServiceImpl(@ComponentImport JiraAuthenticationContext jiraAuthenticationContext) {
        this.jiraAuthenticationContext = jiraAuthenticationContext;

The method in question:

    public ApplicationUser getCurrentLoggedInUser() {
        return jiraAuthenticationContext.getLoggedInUser();

I on purpose gave a very specific use case. It of course does not have to be like this. I thought maybe it is more helpful this way.