How to reload the web panel content after a click on a button on the jira issue view details page

I have a web panel displayed on jira issue details view page.
The content of this web panel should be refreshed after a click on a submit button (that also exist on same webpanel section).
The content is generated using a velocity template that get data from a ContextMap provider.
Currently, I use a location.load() after a click on submit button, but we need only refresh the webpanel component not reload the issue view page to get the new data.

web panel declaration:

	<!-- Panel to display data from external app -->
	<web-panel name="Test"
		i18n-name-key="" key="data-panel"
		location="atl.jira.view.issue.left.context" weight="200">
		<description key="data-panel.description">The Issue View Data Panel</description>
		<context-provider class="com.plugin.provider.ContextProvider"/>
		<resource name="view" type="velocity"
			location="/templates/webpanel-module/data-panel.vm" />

data-panel.vm file:

<div id="content-attach"  style="display:none;">
    <form class="aui" action="">
        <div class="input-group">
            <input type="text"
                    class="controls-input" id="inputUrl"/>
            <input class="aui-button aui-button-primary attach-button" id="submit-form" type="submit" value="Attach Data"/>

<div id="content-results">

issue-view-controller.js :

   				url: AJS.params.baseURL+'/rest/testforjira/1.0/config/object/issue/link',
   				type: 'PUT',
   				contentType: 'application/json',
   				data: JSON.stringify(dataInput),
   				processData: false,
   				success: function() {
                       // refresh web-panel data
                       showSuccessFlag('Object is linked to Jira issue.');
   				error: function() {
                       showErrorFlag('Failed to link Object to jira issue.');

The problem is resolved using:

JIRA.trigger(JIRA.Events.REFRESH_ISSUE_PAGE, [JIRA.Issue.getIssueId()]);