How to restrict my plugin functions for jira 30 days trial license

hi folks,

i want to restrict my plugin feture for trial versions i dont know how evaluvate user enter version trial version or paid one can you any help me to fins out.
Thank in advance.

Answer in two folds :slight_smile:

First, you can get a PluginLicense from the PluginLicenseManager. Once you get the license, there’s a method called isEvaluation().

Now that the technical side has been answered, I would strongly advise NOT to do that. You should offer a full version (all features) during a trial. Customers will not bother trying an add-on that offers partial functionality and especially if other similar add-ons exist. Maybe you have a valid reason for doing so but you should be thinking twice before doing it.

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Thank you very much for your timely help.