How to retreive existing Plugin SDK Skeleton from JIRA Server to Local machine?

Hi all,

Firstly, I am new in jira Plugin Development.
I need to modify an existing Plugin/Add-on on JIRA which key is This plugin is our property.
I followed the plugin SDK tutorials but It always starts from scratch by creating a new plugin Skeleton with command atlas-create-jira-plugin.
As I am not the developper of this Plugin and as the code has not been shared, I need to retreive the plugin skeleton and ressources on my local machine from my Jira Server, in order to modify it and import it again.

Could you help me to find how to do that?

Thanks a lot,

You could unjar the jar file (jar xvf file.jar) but more than likely the code in there will be compiled java code (with the exception of the resources) - you might get lucky and the sources are in there - but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Your best bet is to get hold of the source from the original developer.