How to retrieve data from database developing plugin?

Hello, Im simply developing CRUD Jira plugin using Atlassian-Sd. I have my application on localhost http://localhost:2990/jira, I created simple projects and issues.
In my class I use Active Objects layer.

Im using for example

public ExampleEntry getID(String id){
return ao.get(ExampleEntry.class, 3);

It’s working fine, I have result in my Velocity, but implementing Entity in Jira Api it’s a little difficult. Not like in JpaRepository.
How can I make simple CRUD operations, like get Issue, delete issue, update issue, get list of issue. Thanks for respond

Hi @lpopek,

You might want to try IssueService to help you out to perform create, update, and delete Jira issues.

Hope this helps.

Hello, I want to create queries to retrieve data with AO. example

I can also use SQL queries.

for example


or using api


You can’t use AO to query core jira tables. Ao in apps have requests scoped to tables prefixed with a hash based on the unique plugin key. This stops you breaking other vendors addons. If you want core Jira data, use core Jira Manager classes, such as IssueManager to locate them.

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