How to run jira-software in DC mode using atlas-run/atlas-debug

When I do an atlas-run or debug it runs jira-software in server mode. How do I run it in DC mode ?

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Hi @DanielGarcia

by default Jira starts with the server license, please change the license key to DC and you can get all DC functions


The temporary license key is generated automatically. How do I generate one for DC?

Please check this solutions:

  1. Data Center Timebomb licenses can be found here: Data Center Timebomb Licenses

  2. Create ticket here Jira Service Management and ask for Developer license for testing DC (30 days trial)

  3. Use docker image Docker Hub


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Thank you very much, I spent several hours trying to investigate this

That’s the sad reality of developing for DC/Server. Most docs are outdated or non-existent. Many answers are hidden in tutorials or community posts.

Here’s the official doco on how to run Jira in DC mode via AMPS:

It’s described in the context of running a cluster, but it works the same if you only want a single DC node.