How to send an email to an admin after app installation

I am wondering how I can retrieve the email of an admin who installed my app. The idea is to send an onboarding message to the admin user. Do I have to use the scope “ACCESS_EMAIL_ADDRESSES” for that?
I earlier intended to use the postInstall module but I am facing issues implementing that as seen here

Hi @HakeemBaba. Unfortunately, the use case you describe (sending material to facilitate onboarding) is not an accepted use case for access to the Email API. Please see this page which lists approved use cases.


You probably don’t want to do that. The Atlassian Marketplace api has some areas where it could improve. This is one of the those areas.

It has the concept of a single technical owner. But there can be multiple administrators. This means that if AdminA installs an app - they’re not going to get the email. More than likely AdminZ is going to get it because they’re the one marked in the Atlassian list as the primary contact. Your email will more than likely go to circular file directly.

The postInstall page is less than stellar to reach the admin that installed the app (you’ll get the “please wait and we’ll notify you once we’ve installed the app” message).

Best approach (in my opinion) for anything like this is to message in-app (in-iframe) to the first user that uses things. More than likely they’ll be the users you’re after anyways.