How to set cascade custom field value to AP.jira.openCreateIssueDialog((issue)


I am working on Jira cloud apps. I am able to create issue using the below jira cloud API and able to set all the field values like single, multi select custom fields to issue expect cascade custom field.

How do set cascade custom field value?
I appreciate all your opinions and suggestions.

}, {
pid: 10000,
issueType: 1,
fields : {
summary: “Hello World”,
environment : “My environment”,
priority : 2,
assignee: “tom”,
reporter: “bob”,
labels : [“Mylabel”,“MyOtherLabel”],
description : “My first Issue”,
duedate : “11/Oct/16”,
fixVersions : 10001,
versions : 10000,
components : “My component”,
timetracking_originalestimate: “2w”,
timetracking_remainingestimate: “3d”,
worklog_activate: true,
worklog_timeLogged: “2”,
customfield_10033: [10001,10022]. // not working for the cascade fields

Kiran. M


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You need to pass 2 values:

“customfield_10033”: 10001,
“customfield_10033:1”: 10022

Note :1 in second line

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Thank you. I will verify and let you know.

Thank you. It is working.