How to set frame full window height

What is the best way to set frame with app to have full screen height? Setting body height to 100% doesn’t work, and using js to get window height not works well: outerHeight works well, but it slightly bigger then actual size i need because it’s outer, and innerHeight always returns the value Jira sets to iframe.
Another way that works well for now is to add to body or div this parameters:

id="ac-iframe-options" data-options="sizeToParent:true"

That works for now, but i’m not sure for future.

Hi @olo

I copied this from the docs:

The content for a page module is injected into the Atlassian application in the form of a “seamless” iframe. Seamless iframes are regular HTML iframes but with the characteristics described below.

As implied here, for most page content modules, you do not need to be concerned with iframe sizing. It’s all handled for you. However, an exception exists for inline macros.

  • Their size is based on the page height and width inside the iframe (i.e., no scrollbars)
  • They are dynamically resized based on the inner content or relative browser window sizing
  • They appear without borders, making them look like a non-iframed fragment of the page
  • For general-pages, you can also opt to size your iframe to take up all of the host product’s available vertical space (instead of resizing to its internal content).
  • To do this, add the data-options attribute "sizeToParent:true" in the script tag for all.js . It is also possible to hide footer for such pages.
  • For example, using ACE:
<script src="{{hostScriptUrl}}" type="text/javascript" 

Basically, add the data-options to the all.js declaration script tag.

Hope that helps.