How to set the style of webitem in next-gen project backlog/board?

Hi Community,

I’d like to add a webitem to next-gen project backlog and board.
Based on this guide, it is possible:

I have added the provided example to my app’s “atlassian-connect.json”, but instead of the info icon, a bolt-like icon appears as visible in my screenshot:

However, the screenshot in the documentation above shows it like:

Does anybody know how to re-style this or at least hide the icon completely?
Removing the “icon” and “styleClasses” property had no effect.


Related to the bug ticket you filed for this… we cannot reproduce this problem. If you’re setting the icon value in your descriptor, but the bolt is still showing up, it’s likely that the URL for your icon isn’t set properly.

If you’re using the sample code verbatim, check that you have the png file in the right place. I’d check your logs for a 404 error.

Thanks Neil! It seems to be working now.