How to setup atlaskit / atlasreact in Jira Server add on (P2 plugins)?

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Is there any proper documentation on how to setup atlaskit / atlasreact in Jira Server add on (P2 plugins) ? We want use react js for the front end. I am unable to find proper documentation for setting it up. I found few git repos where atlaskit is being used but they didn’t mentioned how to set it up.
Few examples:

Is there detailed documentation just like the following :


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I don’t think there is. I’ve been sharing snippets on how I have proceeded in integrating AtlasKit with my P2 server apps in both this forum and the Marketplace slack channel ( I should write it down somewhere :slight_smile:

Personally, I think I found a very nice combination with React+Typescript+InversifyJS and a minimal P2 server approach (API only, a single velocity template and generic contextprovider / webwork implementations) which can be re-used in Atlassian Connect (Cloud). I can share it here if you want.

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Hi @remie
Can you please update us if you find any documentation on atlaskit / atlasreact? I’ve also been searching for this. if you can provide us any info that would be more helpful.
Thank you so much…!!

Hi @sandeep,
Unfortunately, there is no official documentation. So there are no links. But there have been multiple different solutions from vendors. Some of them are already listed, another one would be

As soon as I find the time I will write down my solution and share it!


Hi @remie please let me know when you write one :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @remie, if possible could you pls share example for React+Typescript+InversifyJS and a minimal P2 server approach…

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Can you share it please ?

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These articles are 3 years old. I’ve really struggled to find any meaningful documentation on modern plugin development in atlassian. The hello world blogs from atlassian just don’t cut it. Even the atlas camp sessions are superficial. Compared to other products, Atlassian is really lagging behind on the documentation/training for developers.


I finally got this to work (React in P2 environment).

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This repo does not exist… can you please share the updated link.

You can find a detailed article about it:

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