How to specify supported service desk version

We’ve an addon which is supported on both JIRA & JIRA Service Desk Server. But I can’t find a way to specify the supported Service desk version anywhere. Is it implicit that JIRA version 7.4.0 comes with JSD 3.6.0? How would JIRA Service Desk only installations verify the compatibility?

Since the JSD application can be installed at any time and upgraded independently - if you have specific version needs - you’ll need to to the check in your add-on.

One way we do it is to do the verification at the same time we do our license verification. And just as if there is an issue with the license, we block because of the JSD version/configuration (or if JSD is not installed…). Obviously, that’s the extreme case - if there’s only a single area that’s impacted - we do more of a warning about it in the administration area.

That said - you can also reference which “should” be the master list.

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