How to start Confluence DC using atlas-run


I am working on app design and would like to be sure that it works well in DC environment.

I have found nice document where it is possible to fire up DC Bitbucket cluster using atlas-run and configuration in pom.xml.
Making plugins compatible with Bitbucket Data Center

Also I found document how to fire up Confluence DC on same machine.
Starting a Confluence cluster on a single machine

I am wondering if anyone was able to set up similar configuration for Confluence using atlas-run and pom.xml for Confluence as I can’t find anything like that and neither for Jira.


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Late reply, but I recommend using Docker instead locally.

Create 4 docker compose files:

  1. Database + CF Node 1
  2. Node 2
  3. Node 3
  4. Node 4

And than just follow the installation instructions for DC.

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Is starting Confluence Data Center using atlas-run available now?