How to stop Confluence login screen from stripping HTML parameters?

We sometimes use HTML parameters to customize screen rendering in Confluence. For example?


This works if the user is already logged in, but if the user encounters the Confluence login screen it redirects to…


…with the original HTML parameters replaced with the permissionViolation parameter, and as a result the original parameter is lost. After login, the user just goes to the address without the HTML parameters:


Does anyone know if it is possible to get the login screen to retain the original HTML parameters?

I’ve managed to find a “fix” for this (or at least an acceptable workaround for my purposes):

You must specify the link in one of the following forms:




The login screen doesn’t strip the URL parameters when specified in this format.

(It would still be better if the original link didn’t strip the parameters, since now I have to go through and search for all the existing links and update them.)

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See also CONFSERVER-59345.

Andrew, you are an absolute life saver by finding that workaround! Thanks so much