How to submit JIRA Cloud addon to JIRA Marketplace

We developed an addon (Gadget) for JIRA Cloud,
and tested it on our JIRA development Cloud instance.
Now, we want to push this addon to Marketplace As
Free model.

I looked at this Marketplace documents:

I log in to,
but there is no Manage listings in the header

It seems that we need to

  1. create vendor profile,
  2. Vendor material that represents you or your organization
  3. App-specific assets
  4. Support documentation.

This is the first time we submit JIRA Cloud addon to
JIRA marketplace, so, would anybody like to tell us
what and how should I do?

Another thing, must we host our addon server (Node.js)
to the third-party hosting site like Bitbucket?
As you know, we need to make our addon’s URL available over the internet

Hi @xjiang,

The best way for you to get help with your listing is to create a ticket in our Marketplace Vendor Support Service Desk.

They will help you with all the details and get your app listed as quickly as possible.


Hi Peter,

Thank you for your information.

I just create a ticket for this topic: