How to support Oauth 2.0 for webhooks in Jira?

I am developing an app and I need to have Jira webhook support for my app. Also, I need Jira OAuth 2.0 authentication for my app as it provides better security. I tried to use OAuth 2.0 for all the API’s mentioned in the Jira API documentation, almost every API is working except the webhook. Can you tell me why I am not being able to run webhook APIs with OAuth 2.0 authentication and if there is a way then how it is possible??

I saw Zapier uses Oauth 2.0 in their applications so I wanted to know that how can I also use it in webhooks??

In the documentation, it is mentioned that for external apps OAuth 2.0 is allowed for webhooks but still, when running an API it is showing that OAuth 2.0 is not yet supported for webhooks and it is still under development

Since that issue has recently been resolved, I thought I would make sure people know the new webhook API is now available under 3LO: