How to test Plugin Compatibility with Multiple Jira version before Market Place release

Hello Developers,

I am building a plugin for Jira DC and planning to release it in the Market Place. I got few broad questions and I am looking for guidelines or insights in to how you are doing it.

  1. How do I test and find out the minimum and maximum compatible Jira versions for the Plugin ?
  2. How do I ensure that my plugin is compatible with a broad range of Jira versions ? This is considering the even the future Jira versions.
  3. If my plugin is not using any JSM specific modules, can I say it is compatible with JSM by default ?


If your plugin includes a custom field type that is not text-based, then it will be really awkward in JSM.

JSM supports less custom field types than Jira. (List of supported custom fields for request types in Jira Service Management customer portals | Jira | Atlassian Documentation)

I made a custom field (extending AbstractCustomFieldType) that stores a JSON string and is displayed as a dynamic table.

And then I found out it didn’t work in JSM. Had to rework the custom field as GenericTextCFType to get the field to be usable, then inject JavaScript to display and edit the field in JSM.

Thank you for your insights regarding JSM @KCWong