How to track how many users are using my addon?


I see my plugin licenses being sold on a per user basis, like 10 users, 100 users, etc. But in my plugin code, I want to know how many users are using my plugin and then do restrictions to additional users. Any way to do that?


CCing @ManishKumar to the question

Unfortunately, this is one of the things that should be simple, but are not easy to do in the Atlassian Cloud. Even top apps such as JEMH have no other way than to do this manually. One sad thing about this is that it seems like there once was an API for this, but it got removed without a replacement.

Imposing resource limits on your customers based on usage / user tier / etc. makes a lot of sense in the Cloud. But if you want to do this you’ll have to come up with your own solution. Having a monthly job that goes through all groups on the instance and counts active users, or looks at licensing data from the Marketplace could be a way to solve this.

Hope this helps!


I did a bit of digging on the status of this. In order to return the number of active users in a given tenant (e.g. expanding the response of https://[your-tenant][your-app-key]), Identity needs to provide an API. I’ve put in an enquiry about the status of this request.


Thanks @dmorrow. Can you tag me on that request if that is publicly accessible?

@dmorrow any follow up on this? Your response seems to imply the Marketplace License API has an extension clause? Is that documented somewhere?

Hi @Kling-BobSwift,

Unfortunately I don’t have anything useful to share. The information needs to come from our Identity platform, but they don’t provide an API for this. The Identity team has competing priorities which results in little hope of this being implemented in the near term. And to be clear, I have raised this topic again with the Identity team.