How to understand the cause of getting 'listener-errored' event during migration?

I’ve test migration from server to cloud and migration was successfully.
But in logs on cloud side i see:

2023-02-06T13:07:25.496Z	3b7e8c5c-38be-4419-ba84-0222b06a3eae	INFO	Migration event received! {
  cloudAppKey: 'com.riadalabs.jira.plugins.notificationassistant',
  transferId: 'c4efe9b1-aa6b-3833-b949-49c8b9bfd2ee',
  migrationDetails: {
    migrationId: '1f70cf61-45a8-4591-91dd-9629d4ea0626',
    migrationScopeId: '824a233a-d150-4a93-8f33-580dd61ce1b6',
    name: 'Test_v.III',
    createdAt: 1675688348187,
    jiraClientKey: 'be2b4c59-2b03-311b-ad18-610bcad18d49',
    confluenceClientKey: '82b46177-5f08-36df-8734-5ce79e59652f',
    cloudUrl: ''
  eventType: 'listener-errored',
  messageId: '6bd19ebf-d0d8-431d-a931-4a26669e7a25'

No exceptions on server side, all data upload
How to understand the reason why i got this ‘listener-errored’ event?

Hello Anton thanks for your question,

The exception in your server app could have occurred after all the data was uploaded. Please refer to these links for more information Webhooks and events and Server side exceptions


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Thanks for your answer