How to upgrade my development target?

I have developed a custom plugin, originally created using ‘atlas-create-jira-plugin’. This created a development target based on Jira 7.3.6, which was the same as our production version and all was good. Time has passed, and we have upgraded our production Jira to 7.4.4. My plugin still works fine, but I want to upgrade my development server to the same version. I have upgraded the SDK easily, but how do I upgrade the local dev server? I have updated <jira.version> in my pom.xml, updated the sdk using atlas-update, but it appears I have to do atlas-clean followed by atlas-run --version 7.4.4 to build out a new dev server. All my data, custom fields, and days of admin configuration are wiped out. How can one upgrade an existing dev server without clearing the database, similar to a real production instance?

I have been facing the same issue several times. You can try these two options:

  1. Start the dev instance (atlas-run) and try to upgrade from Applications -> Upload Application
  2. Backup the current dev instance, create a regular installation with the same version and plugins, restore the backup in the regular installation, upgrade the regular installation, backup the regular installation, clean the dev instance, start the dev instance as the new version, restore the dev instance from the regular backup.

Let me know if you’ve found something that works.


Thanks for the reply! Could you explain the purpose of step 1 in more detail?
I understand your logic in step 2, though it feels ridiculous a developer would have to go through this. Seems Atlassian should just upgrade the dev environment automatically if the <jira.version> in the pom changes and one has installed the new, referenced sdk. I will consider your approach if I think it less painful than repeating whatever admin configuration I need. Thanks.