How to use adf-utils

Hi, I would like to generate some basic issue descriptions with a link and a list or so. I can use the Issue Builder but if possible I would prefer to use a javascript library since then I don’t need to go back and play with the builder each time I want to make a change which gets especially annoying once you start to have generated content, e.g. project specific links, etc. The official adf documentation seems to link to a rather outdated library that was last updated 4 years ago. I found this library from the atlaskit that seems to be more up to date. Unfortunately, the examples are very sparse and I tried to infer how to create a simple link node from the emoji example but I can’t get it to work. Is this newer library the recommended way of generating adf docs? If so, are there some more examples somewhere?

Can anybody from the Atlassian team tune in and tell me whether I should keep using the outdated library or provide me with some examples of how to use the latest one? As they seem to work in quite different ways I am hesitant to design all my documents with a possibly outdated tool that may stop working at any time or won’t provide me with the latest features.