How to use jwt authentiaction with atlassina connect App

we are trying to build Atlassian connect app, but now we are facing a problem using jwt we don’t know exactly how to use it with Atlassian connect app and unfortunately, we couldn’t find any helpful documentation that shows us, how Jira cloud handles it and how we use Jason web Token to authenticate our connect app.
we are using PHP, so it is better if there is an example written in PHP :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks in advance

Hi @Abdulrahmanaldakak,

Atlassian has created Java, JavaScript, Python and Ruby JWT library, but no PHP library. Maybe you could take a look at how either of these libraries are implemented to help you get started. There’s also PHP libraries listed in, but they may be missing some capabilities such as query string hashing.

Also see


Hi @dmorrow
Thanks for your response, but I got a couple more questions about how do I can get the shared secret key and the client Id and How to verify the jwt between token that stored in my addon and Jira cloud