How to use Trello REST API Search request to find cards by card their IDs?

I can’t find any examples on the Trello REST API documentation of what the query parameter should look like. I am referring to What does “Style: form” refer to? Is there a resource that describes the “form” style?

I have tried a request that looks like the following:{idCards:IDs }&key=APIkey&token=APIToken
where “IDs” are a comma separated list of card IDs like “a1b2c3,d4e5f6” for two card IDs.
The response I get:

Hello @JoubertVisagie

The query parameter is not encased in brackets, it is just declared as a plain text string, like this:


You can’t refer to card IDs within a query. Refer to the How To Search In Trello documentation page for what can go into a Trello query

The idCards parameter is separate and declared as a comma separated string, like this:


So, to search on a particular board by its ID for two cards by their IDs would be: idCards=63e14c8cbd80653a2d6b0044,62c545eaaa69773929397646&key=APIkey&token=APIToken