HTTP Error 502: Bad Gateway

Hi, since last night (Sep 22) I cannot push to Bitbucket. It is a very simple commit, nothing special. I have been doing this for eons, all seems okay in my side :frowning:

It is happening with three of my private repos, I guess is happening with all of them. They are mercurial repos. Pulls are working.

hg push
searching for changes
abort: HTTP Error 502: Bad Gateway

I have the same issue with the command line or source tree. I just updated to latest version but the problem persist.

Mercurial Distributed SCM (version 4.7.1)
Source Tree

Thanks for any help.

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I’m able to push to an existing team repo. So, I created a new team + project + repo but the error continue to happens “abort: HTTP Error 502: Bad Gateway”

I’ve tried from another computer and I definitely cannot push to my private repos in Bitbucket :rage:

same issue for all my repo

hope this gets fixed asap. need to commit all of my changes :’(

and now “[Errno 104] Connection reset by peer” for pull :frowning:

I also saw “500 Internal Server Error”
I’m not sure if they are aware, the status is: All Systems Operational

I just opened a ticket:

Glad to hear you opened a support ticket @elier.delgado! The developer community is not the proper channel for getting support from Atlassian in regard to product outages, as it is mostly populated by… developers :smiley: Unless you have specific questions about the Atlassian developer ecosystem, or developing applications with/for the Atlassian product suite, this forum is probably not the best place to seek assistance!

I have same issue. ssh auth also does not work
Degraded service has been restored. Mercurial over HTTPS is back to operational state now.
We are continuing to monitor service health to ensure recovery and stability.