I need help with JqlQuery as programmatically

I am trying to get all issues in string query below:

query = JqlQueryBuilder.newBuilder().where().issue(keysStr).endWhere().orderBy().issueId(SortOrder.ASC).endOrderBy().buildQuery();

Can this be to get only one issue or all issues on String and if I can list all issues in string then what is the delimiter for issue keys.

If this is only to get one issue by it’s key then what do I need to do alternatively?

I know this below but not get it to work:

issue().in(issueIds.toArray(new Long[issueIds.size()]))

By hard use of Google I finally got this work and not need help anymore.

String output = context.toString();
String[] arrFirtsExploded = output.split(",");
String keysStr = String.join(",",arrFirtsExploded);
                        issueIds = Arrays
query = JqlQueryBuilder.newBuilder().where().issue().in(issueIds.toArray(new Long[issueIds.size()])).endWhere().orderBy().issueId(SortOrder.ASC).endOrderBy().buildQuery();