I switched from Youtrack and Im frustrated

I’m here cause my “JIRA frustration” was taken to the next level.
Sometimes it looks like you (JIRA makers) did everything to make your user’s lives difficult.
One tiny example: I want to add “field not empty” condition to my workflow… and I cant. Apparently, I need to buy a plugin, shame…

Have you thought about making it a required field? If its initially empty, users won’t be able to drive the transition unless the value is present, ie “field not empty”.

You don’t clarify server vs cloud, assuming server.



I’m sorry you feel so frustrated with our products and
I hope @andy provided you with a good solution to your specific problem.

For future questions on our products usage I would recommend that you either go to our user community: https://community.atlassian.com (Currently you are on our developer community) or file a ticket with Atlassian support at https://support.atlassian.com