Icons in UI kit

How can I use the Atlassian icons inside a <Cell> or <Text> element when using UI kit?

Hey @MWulff,

Currently Icons aren’t directly available in UI kit. Could you please provide your use case so we can help push this to higher on the backlog?

In the meantime, you can use data URIs in the Image component to render icons in some situations. For example, an Image should work well in a Cell but is not able to be rendered inline in a Text.


Hi @kchan

Ohhh, data urls. Perfect. Thanks :slight_smile:

Icons are important to indicate status and give the right feeling to anything in the UI. I need them because I made a macro for confluence that will list cases from another system in a table and indicate different things with different icons in each row.

I have a feeling there is 100 other good reasons to use icons in forge UI.

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