Identify what changes was applied within Jira objects/workflows

Is there a way to get see what changes that were made in specific workflows and objects (added fields, renamed fields, etc…)?

I am using two Jira sites like development and staging environment, it would be very helpful to identify what a developer/admin applied and extract it so it can be applied in a different environment. This way, I can know exactly what changed and apply just what I need in different environments.

Thank you

Are you asking for what was changed in the workflow (the rules / triggers / transitions etc) or what was changed by the workflow (the effect / results / outcomes etc)?

Changes to the workflows themselves aren’t logged, so you have no retrospective way of knowing what someone changed in a workflow.

Doing a differential comparison and ‘true-up’ between two workflows seems like a lot of trouble to go though when you can just do an export of the source workflow that’s been changed and import it into the new environment, thereby wholly replacing the destination workflow with a new one.