If I set the interval of shceduledTrigger to hour, will it be executed every hour?

In the process of using forge scheduledTrigger, although my app can successfully call it, I want to confirm a problem. I set the interval of the scheduledTrigger to hour. Then, will it be executed every hour? Is the execution time on the hour? For example: 08:00


No, execution time won’t be on the hour. From the docs:

To better improve overall performance, invocations will be distributed evenly across the interval specified on any given module. Distribution is done by installations, so not all installations of an app will have their triggers invoked together. This is however a consistent distribution, meaning that if an hourly trigger invokes at 1:10 for a particular installation, and at 1:20 for another, those installations will invoke again at 2:10 and 2:20 respectively.

@AdamMoore hi,According to your statement, forge scheduledTrigger is executed every hour, but the specified time point is the 10th minute and the 20th minute of every hour. Am I right? Is there a definite value at this time point? I have a logical judgment in the method of forge scheduledTrigger. The following logical operations can be performed only when the time point of the current time obtained matches the time point I specified. For example, my designated time point is 8:00. If not, is there any solution

What it’s saying is that it will be a random point during the hour, but it will be the same every hour for a specific installation.

The 10th and 20th minutes were just examples.

No, it’s not possible to specify a time. There’s no way to specify that it runs exactly on the hour e.g. 8:00.

Thank you very much. I see.

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