I'm not able to record Audio in Confluence App

Hi, I am trying to record audio in Confluence Page using Forge Custom UI. I’m using a npm package to record audio.
But whenever I’m trying to record audio, it’s throwing an error -

ERROR - DOMException: The request is not allowed by the user agent or the platform in the current context.

Previously I was thinking that this was blocked by the mic access. The mic permission is enabled as I can see the audio icon on the top of the search bar, and it says allowing, but it’s not starting recording whenever I try to record audio. It’s throwing the above error

I appreciate your quick response.

Thank You.

It looks like it is only currently available in Jira: Please provide microphone access for Forge apps for Codegeist - #19 by danielwinterw

It may be worth following up in that thread to ask where Confluence is with implementing access as well.

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This change is in the Confluence release pipeline, although it’s currently held up by other changes.

No ETA at this stage, but I’m following it up.

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