Image component - vertical alignment?

Vertical alignment of inline images is an important feature for LaTeX Math. What plans are there for allowing this parameter for the image component?


Hi @jasonboileau,

to help us understand your ask, can you give a code example of what you’d want to use vertical for, and how you’d like that to show up visually?

Hi @RyanBraganza

For background, LaTeX Math essentially outputs specially formatted text and symbols. If this text includes a lower case y, then the text should be aligned so that the bottom of the y is below the baseline of the text. If there is no way to provide vertical alignment, then the entire image will instead be pushed upwards. This looks quite bad.

I haven’t used Forge, so I can’t give any input on the code for it, but we just need one parameter verticalAlignment which corresponds 1-1 with the CSS attribute vertical-alignment.

@jasonboileau if you need the full power of CSS, you can use Custom UI .

@RyanBraganza Custom UI renders in an iframe, right? Because iframes also cannot be vertically aligned and the problem remains.

@jasonboileau yes, Custom UI renders in an iframe.

However, UI kit also renders its content in a block-level element, so having a vertical alignment option for an Image component wouldn’t help either.

Can you give some more details on what you’re trying to achieve here? I think this sounds like a feature request, but I’m not sure what feature you’re exactly requesting.

Are inline macros not available on Forge? Sorry, I didn’t realize that they were still missing, and yes that is a very important feature that I would like to (re)request. Specifically I am asking for:

  • Inline macros
  • Vertical alignment option for Image component and Custom UI iframe
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Thanks for the clarification! I’ve found this ticket which looks to be exactly what you’re asking for. [FRGE-42] Inline images + vertical align styling - Ecosystem Jira If you have any additional context, please comment on the ticket.