Implementing transformation in issue comment page

Hi Everyone,

I want to implement a feature in the rich text editor on issue comment page. When the user types {~thanga} and click save it should be converted to thanga ( Anchor HTML tag contains a name “thanga”).

Please give me some guidance to implement the above.

Thanks in advance

Hi @thangappanmohan,

Take a look at this tutorial about extending the rich text editor in Jira Server:

It should help you get started.

Thanks for the reply
Yeah. I have already tried to follow the instruction given in the above link that you have mentioned.
I am able to transform the text which has prefix and suffix.
Example: {name}thanga{name} —> Converting to thanga ( HTML Anchor Tag )

But I want “{~thanga}” text has to be converted to “thanga”.

Am I missing something or Is my understanding wrong?
Please help me.

Any updates on this issue?