[Important] Jira Dynamic Webhook No response to the endpoint

Hello Atlassian Developer Community,

I am developing a Jira Software integration for the Zoho Cliq platform.

I have a query regarding the dynamic webhook registration. For authentication, we have implemented the OAuth2.0 of Atlassian and enabled all the scopes under the Jira Software configuration.

The issue is that when I register a webhook endpoint to a Jira subdomain manually by going under the advance setting->webhooks I was able to register the webhook without any issue and enable the events at which the endpoint must be triggered but in this integration, I want to register the webhook manually so I referred the Jira dynamic webhook registration docs and used the API call to register my webhook URL with specific events enabled, the webhook registration was successful but I didn’t receive any response to the registered endpoint when the event is triggered and I registered the same URL manually by going under the advance setting → webhooks it works well and I am getting the response to the given endpoint when an event is triggered.

I would like to know why this is happening and why I didn’t receive any response when I registered it dynamically by using the REST APIs (The registration was successful but I didn’t get any response to the endpoint).

"webhookRegistrationResult": [
"createdWebhookId": 5

But when I register the webhook manually its works well and the response is given to the endpoint when the event is triggered.


later i have come across the above documentation . In this there are many scopes specified for each webhook event type. But the required scopes of the event type is not listed on the developer console to create app for Oauth 2.0 to select. I cannot use the scopes which is not enabled in the developer concole.

Only choose from the scopes that you have already added to the APIs for your app in the developer console.

I have added the requried scopes but still I am not getting any responses when the event happens and webhook is triggered.

Any help/explanation would be appreciated, Hoping to hear from the developer community soon.

Thank you.

Kavya Senthilvel.

Hi Kavya!
This sounds very much like a problem with missing scopes. Note, that Atlassian has recently implemented some changes to the scopes logic and we are in a transition period, so things may be a little bit confusing.

First of all an app must be granted write:webhook:jira scope in order to create a webhook.
But this is not enough for a webhook to be fired. Your app needs also scopes related to data sent by a particular webhook in order to receive it. For the list check here: https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/jira/platform/webhooks/#using-the-rest-api--registration
I hope it helps,