In-app help information for jira server AUI

Hello everyone,

Through another topic, I just got to know that there is an onboarding component for Atlaskit. Is there an onboarding component for Server AUI? Please let me know. Thanks.

Nishanth T

I don’t think there’s a similiar component in AUI (would be happy to be proven wrong, though).

But have you thought about just using AtlasKit and AUI at the same time? There’s a great talk about it by @tim from last years AtlasCamp: AUI 7 or Atlaskit? Why not both!

Also this thread might be interesting to you: How to use AtlasKit with P2


Oh, thanks, @sven.schatter for the threads and link to the talk by @tim ! I will check them. Thanks again.

So, while getting used to AtlasKit is always a good idea (especially if you plan to develop for cloud as well) I just picked up another idea how to get a similiar functionality like this for server.

In the thread that you linked @frederictardieu mentioned that he simply used the AUI in product help for this. Together with AJS.dim() and setting a z-index for the component that you want to highlight you could basically rebuild the onboarding component. This might be a lot less work for you than getting to know and integrating AtlasKit in your project, if you have never done that before.

But AtlasKit is still cool! :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh yes, it is :smiley:

That’s slick @sven.schatter! Thank you very much. Will share our learnings when we do this. Thanks again.