In need of V2 API to delete trashed contents

I am in need of getting a V2 api to delete trashed pages/blogposts. i am currently blocked on this to get my app upgraded to V2 Rest APIs.

picking up from this topic, When will there be an API to delete content?
atlassian doesn’t support this at the moment, but can prioritize this work if enough of an ask.

So creating a new topic to request trashed pages/blogposts deletion v2 api.

I would also like to if atlassian can push the deprecation date for delete content api until there is a v2 api available that supports this functionality.


So far they’ve ignored all my asks to extend the deprecation deadline. Ignored as in zero response or acknowledgment of the problem.

Each time a missing parity is discovered or a new endpoint is released, the deadline should logically reset to +12 months.

Knowingly inflicting migration stress on developers so as to crowdsource discovery of missing parity is very cruel.

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Hi @nathanwaters ,

I have had the pleasure of working with a few developers on the Cloud API team and I don’t know of any who are incompetent or malicious.

While I too have issues relating to the current depreciation timeline, I believe that, as a developer community, we will have a better chance of being heard if we remain respectful.

On a tangential note, for planning purposes, I believe that the expected Atlassian standard for API deprecations is six months versus twelve.