Incomplete Atlaskit documentation

Me again…

I keep getting frustrated with the state of @atlaskit and the documentation. In this case I believe it’s a case of poor documentation (since we don’t really have much - I’m assuming it’s the documentation) on the new site.

@atlaskit/toggle points to for the documentation.

If I want to have the toggle enabled when I create the toggle (or through my own state) - I would assume that I would use the isChecked attribute since the doc there says that it would be used for:

If the toggle is checked or not.

Doesn’t seem to have an effect. I take a look at the example on the page - it uses defaultChecked… Using that works, but it’s not documented.

So yet again - I find myself trying to use atlaskit but the new documentation is misleading and incomplete.

Many questions (and comments about the current situation) comes to mind.

Is Atlaskit actually meant for external Atlassian ecosystem developers? If so, can we get proper developer documentation that is maintained? The current situation doesn’t seem to be that scalable and I’m getting worried that I’m using non-supported apis.

Do we need to start a list of alternative components to @atlaskit for external developers?


Hi Daniel,

Sorry for what you’ve experienced - we totally understand how frustrating it can be to encounter inaccurate docs.

We’ve looked into the missing defaultChecked prop in Toggle, and it looks like there’s a bug in how we auto-generated props that lead to this prop being left out. We have a branch up with a fix and the docs should be updated soon with the correct information.

We’re also working on some bundle-size and performance improvements for Toggle at the moment, and will be updating the docs to match. We’ve done our best to make sure these new docs are accurate.

We’re committed to making the docs on the site as good as they can be – you find any more problems like this one, let us know and we can look into them!

Thanks again for your question.