Incorrect plugin deactiviation message

When a plugin is deactivated in Jira or Confluence Cloud, I’m guessing, the same message is shown to users for all of them. It starts with:

“Please note that all Diagrams for Confluence Cloud data will be deleted immediately.”

This is completely untrue, nothing is deleted, the message is actively misleading. At a very minimum it needs to be changed to:

" Please note that all Diagrams for Confluence Cloud data may be deleted immediately, consult the vendor for exact details of data handling through deactivation."

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Hi @dbenson, where are you seeing this message? I had a look at the messaging around addon uninstall and that is consistent with what you suggest here.

I don’t understand your answer.

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@dbenson my apologies if I was not clear. When I uninstall the addon I see:

I think that wording is broadly inline with what you suggested in your original post.

I would like to know where you are seeing the message you posted so I can track that down.