Information-only type panel to display new feature updates?

Hello !
I would like to add a web widget giving the users new updates regarding my product. I do not want it to be a help center or a chat widget. I just want it to give certain information to my user. It will be an information-only type panel to display.

  • Need to update the customers of new features on the website every two weeks.
  • Does not need a chat function, subscribe function or any other one-on-one communication with the customer.
  • Should show as a additional pop up or widget on the website that the user can close once read the information.
  • Will put text, image and GIF information on it.

Is there some way I could create a new “space” on Confluence or use some other feature on Confluence such that my marketing team can keep changing the information which needs to go on the pop up widget and it shows on my website?

It is basically to inform the customers of new feature releases for our website every 2 weeks.

Also, is there a way to import pages from “space”?

Can someone please help and guide me through it?
Thank you.

@StutiThapliyal This might be better in the user community forum There might be some solutions that other users have come up with right in Confluence.

Being that this forum deals with building Marketplace Apps there is one that I know of that might be what you’re looking for already available in the Atlassian Marketplace there maybe others as well but that was the first one that came to mind.

Let me know if that helps?

@rwhitbeck I apologize for replying so late. I at the end basically used the REST API by Confluence to get the information from my Confluence space.