Initiating scheduled batch processing from ACE

I would like my plugin to have a recurrent process of reviewing issues in Jira, let’s say every day.
In Forge there’s such a module - Scheduled trigger (
Is there anything similar in ACE? My problem is that if I will call a service using my own scheduler I won’t get the JWT token to access jira.

Hi @YakiKoren ,

Personally, I think it’s even easier with Connect Express, as you can use whatever scheduler you like and have your process running as long as you like. You do need to know the clientKey of the instance you want to review issues in. With that, you can simply do this (straight from the docs):

var httpClient = addon.httpClient({
  clientKey: clientKey  // The unique client key of the tenant to make a request to
httpClient.get('/', function(err, res, body) {

Hope that helps,

Thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile: I think that’s the exact problem (unless I’m missing something) - getting the client key. This usually comes with the request from Jira. I think I need Jira to call me so I can call it back.

You have the clientKey in your tenant registration database (that you also use to validate the QSH of incoming requests from Jira). In the case of ACE, it’s managed for you but accessible through addon.settings.get('clientInfo', clientKey)

Now of course you need to know for which clientKey(s) you need to run your scheduled process, and that depends on what you’re trying to achieve.

If you need all tenants, you can use addon.settings.getAllClientInfos()