Input fields in Automation for Jira actions get double borders when selected

Hi Community,

In Jira 8.12 and above, during the development of our app that provides thrid-party automation actions for Automation for Jira, we have found a strange styling issue.
When some of the input fields get clicked, double border appears around them.
Here’s an example in our action:

And some examples with other built-in actions:

Has anybody experienced the same?
Is this an AUI compatibility issue in Automation for Jira?


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Hi @ferenc.nagy - we recently fixed one issue related to weird focus ring behaviour

In which browsers do you see this problem?
Which version of AUI your instance of Jira uses? (You can check that by opening the browser dev tools and typing AJS.version in the console)

Hi @BartoszCytrowski,

The browser is Chrome (86.0.4240.75), but saw the same in Firefox too, AJS version is 9.1.0.
Strangely, we do not experience the above mentioned problem anymore. :zipper_mouth_face:

Anyways, thanks for you response!


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