Inserting ACE Macro in the new Confluence editor

Hi Community,

Trying to insert my macro on a Confluence page pushes the macro at the beginning of the page content. Instead of placing in under the cursor.

This behaviour is true for my dynamicContentMacro and staticContentMacro. Whats really strange this is happening often, but not always.

What I found is that if the macro has no required parameters (which renders the macro with default values without showing the macro-editor) then it is always placed correctly under the cursor.

But if only the macro has a mandatory parameter which forces the macro-editor to be displayed, then the problem appears. I am using custom editor with regular sequence of AP.confluence.saveMacro(macroData) and AP.confluence.closeMacroEditor().

Has anyone experienced that problem?

Yes, same here. Sometimes it works, but most often it does not.
Also behaves very random when you copy and paste the macro.

Thanks pretty sad. I am considering making all my macro params not required. But this is a nasty workaround, as it requires yet another click from a user.

Atlassian Team?