Insight Attributes out of order

Hey guys,

I’m not sure which forum is the correct one, or if there is someone who can help me with my problem.
In my forge App I fetch data from Insight. But in some cases the attribute order gets mixed up and I don’t know why. The number of attributes is always the same.
The Attribute “City” of an object should be on position 6 acording to the result Object returned from Inight (objectTypeAttributes) when I check the ObjectEntrie at attribute position 6, it is not the value I’m, looking for. This is true for most if my objects, although it only happened recently, and so I decided to increment the index by 2. But this is also flawed since some Objects seem to retain the right order.

Has this happened to anyone before?
I hope I made my question clear, but I’ll gladly provide more information.

Thank you!