Insight workspaceId in JSM Cloud via REST API

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I’m developing JSM Cloud plugin on Atlassian Connect Express. I need to get some data from Insight workspace. To fetch it I need a workspaceId param. The olny way decribed in documentation is /rest/servicedeskapi/insight/workspace, but here is note that “Connect apps cannot access this REST resource.”. Attempts to reach this endpoint ended in failure as expected (error 403 forbidden). But I can easely reach this endpoint by Postman, just added Basic auth header. I tried to make simmilar request from frontend, but it has blocked by CORS policy. Is there any way to get workspaceId via REST API?



No. I confirm JSM Apps cannot access the Insight REST API at this time.

As an editor of Virtual Agents for JSM, doing ticket creation through conversations with our chatbot, we get our customers also asking for the support of the Insights fields.
It is currently impossible to do proper integration with the Insights since it lacks API to get field details.

Created a ticket for this: Atlassian Support
Do not hesitate to contact me ( if you wish to be added as a watcher on this ticket. A number of customers will join and vote for this request.

Our application (Koji – Chatbot for Jira Service Management | Atlassian Marketplace) is on the store, has great reviews and usage… but there are concerns around this lack of APIs on the Insight feature of JSM.


Thank you for opening a support issue to get this feature request opened. You may already understand but for future readers, there is a REST API for Insight. The problem in both your case and the original post is the authorization does not support Atlassian Connect’s JWT. I’ve discussed with the JSM product management team and they understand the need for Insight in JSM Apps; however, it will take time to move Insight into the Atlassian platform so the existing APIs can be exposed to Apps. I know it won’t help these 2 cases, but Forge is likely to come before Connect.

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Thank you ! Appreciate the quick and detailled answer.

I will check the APIs your referred to to see if it gives us what we need (details of the possible field values for a given Insight object). And then we can workaround the constraint on the JWT token by using a service account (API key associated with a service account) to use the REST API of the Insight… This should work. Will keep the community updated.


I’m sure the Insight team would appreciate feedback on the APIs so I’m glad you are so eager to find a way forward. However, our Cloud app security requirements effectively preclude the use of a service account (service accounts are still user credentials):

  1. The application must not collect Atlassian user credentials.

In effect, you may either use the Insight APIs or list on Marketplace, but not both. Before you spend a lot of engineering effort on this work-around, please confirm it would be granted an exception to the above rule by asking a security question at our DEVHELP support desk.

Hi @ibuchanan,

is there a ticket that tracks Insight API availability for Connect or Forge? If so, mind pointing me to it?

We (JXL for Jira) would immediately have 20 customers that would vote for this.

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Hi @hannes-finesoftware,

I know it’s been a year since your comment, but I just came across this ticket which I think is what you are looking for Connect so I wanted to share it here for yours and everybody’s benefit: ACJIRA-2568 - Enable Insight REST API for Connect apps


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We also need Insights in Forge API available.

Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @FabianWallwitz,

You’re in luck! The Assets API is now available in Forge:

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