Installing marketplace app 404 on first open


We are facing an issue with our marketplace app installation. When app is installed from the “Apps” menu and then we choose our app and open it - the app does not load. Instead shows atlassian error and white screen.

Iframe is never loaded, therefore I think the issue is not on our side since our app never gets to be loaded. It is automatically fixed once page is refreshed.


  1. Go to App => Manage your apps
  2. Install app from marketplace => search for “Zumvie” and install it
  3. Then go to App => Zumvie People

Expected: App onboarding page should be showed
Actual: Loading circle at first, then white screen and error from atlassian. Iframe is never mounted.

Error showed by Jira:

Something's gone wrong

Our team has been notified. If the problem persists, please contact Atlassian Support.

After the website is refreshed everything works fine, but if you don’t do it nothing ever loads.

Atlassian Connect Issue reference - [ACJIRA-2516] Installing marketplace app 404 on first open - Ecosystem Jira

Url contains screenshots from developer tools and error message.

Anyone has any ideas what is happening here?

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checking with Jira team @Townsheriff


We’re seeing the same thing with ActionableAgile for Jira.

Looks like it’s some type of race condition where the app is made available in the web-item before it’s actually initialized with Jira. We’re able to recreate it by uninstalling and reinstalling the app on the same instance.

This would be impacting all of the first installers of an app so it would be awesome if it could be fixed.

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I had a similar sounding problem in Confluence, where clicking on an app-generated link on the page tools menu kept falling through to a JIRA error page if you didn’t allow time for it to load. They eventually fixed it - see [ACJS-1162] Dialog web items may not work while page is loading - Ecosystem Jira