Integrating JIRA data in custom app


We have recently started using JIRA to better manage our product. Apart from web application, we have a mobile app in which the end user should also be able to create, see and update the tasks in JIRA.

All the users onboarded in the mobile app would also have a JIRA account and therefore, they should be individually able to handle tickets in JIRA. To do this, I understand we need to make API calls to JIRA to get/update ticket details. We also need to use OAuth to login the end user in JIRA application and to perform API lookups.

Can someone please guide if this is the correct approach or an even better solution could be possible?


Hi @SapnaDubey,

For making REST calls from an external app, OAuth 2.0 is the recommended approach. You can get more info here:

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Hi @mventnor,

Thanks for the OAuth 2.0 link, makes sense to use the predefined process for external apps.

However, I think I need to provide some more background about the requirements to clearly understand the solution feasibility for our use case.

We have multiple mobile apps that we have created per client of ours. Per client apps hold all the information specific to their needs from our internal systems and additional features would be fetched from JIRA projects maintained for them, JIRA projects will hold all tickets for their tasks etc and with the mobile app we want to show them a way to get all information of their project on their specific app which they can also use to create/update the tickets.

To be more specific, I wanted to clarify certain things regarding the usage of the apps, please correct me if I am wrong:

  • We would need to integrate with JIRA, i.e. make API calls from our web app as well as mobile app and hence I think we would need to separately maintain the tokens per user for usage on both mobile app as well web application. Not sure if this would be the only solution to our case.

  • Creating these apps in the app management still allows us to keep it a company proprietary as the apps are going to be android based and to use the company logo’s?

  • From the documents I understand that we can maintain the app privacy and share it with only the people we need to share it with.

  • Is it possible to bring in an existing mobile app (as in our case) onboard on app management to utilise the integration with JIRA and then share it across or do we need to create a fresh app here to begin entire thing from scratch.

Thanks and Regards,

Hi @SapnaDubey,

OAuth 2.0 still seems feasible based on your requirements. Registering in App Management basically gives you OAuth 2.0 secrets, so your app can be new or existing. App Management doesn’t publish your app anywhere, making it “Public” simply allows users other than you to authenticate to it.