Integrating multiple Atlassian products with Forge

Dear Community,

I have developed an integration between Jira and Confluence as a Forge app that works correctly in development. It is accessing both products with api.asApp() and is assigned to the respective Jira and Confluence scopes. However, in order for the respective scopes to work, I needed to deploy the app to Confluence as well as to Jira.

Now, I would like to list this app at the Marketplace, where I seemingly cannot select that the app is both for Confluence and for Jira. I am forced to choose one. How can I make sure my users can install the app to both their Confluence and Jira instances?

Many thanks!

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Hi @PeterVelosy,

we’ve already addressed this topic early this year, while also consulting with Atlassian devs on how to get around this issue.

I’m not sure if there’s been any change since then, but the state (and our conclusion) back then was that you need to develop a “companion app” for the other product (e.g. if your main app is installed in Confluence, but it also makes calls into Jira, then the companion app will be the one installed in Jira).
Both apps need to be published on Marketplace and the companion app needs to be installed separately by the end-user, which you can claim in your user documentation (by providing a link to the companion app) in order to get full functionality.
This workaround introduces some issues, though. Besides a far worse UX (a more intricate workflow/lifecycle management), app monetization and marketing also might get more complex (e.g. should you offer the companion app for free?, does it make sense to sell the main app alone?, etc.).

Unfortunately, as far as I know, currently there isn’t a better, working alternative for cross-product calls using Forge.



Thanks for the approach to fix this. But really Atlassian, if Forge is to be treated seriously for app development you need to fix this. At the moment the solution is very convoluted