Integration tests with Atlaskits

We’re trying to be good and get some real tests around some atlaskit components (especially the select component). While we’re able to get things like the button and checkbox components to work with click() etc - Select (and the other more advanced components) are not working.

Looking at the Atlaskit test code for Select: we see that there is a @atlaskit/webdriver-runner package that does some magic. Can we find out what that magic is?

Does anyone else have any sample code that they could share of Select working in an integration test using webdriver?



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Hey @danielwester, I’ll try to find someone from the Design System team to respond.

This problem has applied to all Atlaskit components for 10 months None of these components can be built or tested by anybody outside Atlassian.

It was an intentional decision by the team, even with raging complaints from the community, and knowledge that it would cost many of us deeply. This ain’t your old Atlassian.

Hey Daniel,
Thanks for raising this issue!

Would you be able to share the specific details you’re running into when trying to build integration tests against @atlaskit/select? Also can you share which test framework are you’re using to write these integration tests?


Using I’m basically trying to just interact with it. We’ve ended up having to use the accessibility features to send key strings to it. This is after we had to interact with the underlaying dom elements in the checkbox module.

Is there some ways that I can have something like webdriver/puppeteer etc interact with Atlaskit without having to use an approach that will break when you change the internals? Don’t know if there’s some package somewhere that makes things a bit more “safer”?